About Us

Our mission: To craft the most tender and flavorful pork jerky on the market.

Cousins Smokehouse started like most successful companies do - in a garage.

Fortunately, this garage was located in the heart of Cajun Country.

Like most of you, we got tired of tough, processed beef jerky, so... we did something about it!

Our jerky is actually wood-smoked, packed with flavor, and unexpectedly tender. And... IT'S PORK!!!

We're proud to uniquely blend our famous spices with a spirit of curiosity to craft a jerky you'll love.

So, open a bag and enjoy a small taste of Louisiana’s amazing culture in every single bite!

Our Jerky

"Easy to Chew, Tough to Quit!"

This isn't your typical commercial jerky... and we're proud of it! 

Our jerky won't rip your teeth out and it isn't packed with sugars and preservatives.

Instead, we're proud to offer you quality pork jerky that's extremely tender and massively flavorful. 

We hope you enjoy it!


I’m a big Jerky fan, and I have to say, Cousins' jerky was the best I ever had. It was delicious, easy to eat, and can’t wait for more.

Glen F.

OMG!!  This is the best jerky I've ever had.  It may be the best thing I've ever eaten!!!

James D.

Cousins jerky is a welcomed change from the typical dry leathery jerky found with other brands.

Skip B.

Best jerky I have ever had!

Brad C.

Best jerky on the market. Try it! 

Suzy K.